Sales Policies

Any goat that is listed on the sales page will be sold to the first person who places a deposit.  For those that are inquiring and have questions or requests for more photos, please be aware that does not mean the goat is being held for you.  We often have multiple inquiries on the same animal . However, the first person to place a deposit secures the goat. If there is a particular breeding that you are interested in we can place you on a reservation list and will notify you prior to placing the kid on the sales page for the general public. If we do not receive a deposit within 24 hours after we notify you of the kid ,we will then offer the kid to the next on the reservation list or place the kid on the sales page. We do reserve the right to cancel reservations on kids.

Goats are herd animals ad will require another goat in order to be healthy and happy. We will not sell a goat by itself unless there are other appropriate goats at the new home where it is going to.

Once a deposit has been received we will hold the kid until it can leave our farm. We typically dam raise kids unless you request bottle-feeding and it can be started within the first couple of days after birth. Bottle raised kids are expected to be picked up by 10 days of age. Dam raised kids will remain until weaning age of approximately 10 weeks old. Kids will be disbudded and vaccinated for CD&T. Coccidia prevention will be started at one week of age and will be continued until they leave our farm. Further coccidia prevention, vaccinations and medical care will be the responsibility of the new owner. All kids are guaranteed healthy at the time of the sale when they leave our farm. We cannot control any stress that may occur from transport, new environment or changes in feed/care after they leave our farm. Therefore, we cannot offer any further guarantees. Daffodil Hill Nigerians is not responsible for any veterinary bills incurred after the animal leaves our farm. Genetic potential is all that can be predicted. Show and Production cannot be guaranteed in any animal.

Deposits are 50% of the price of the animal. Deposits are non refundable and may not be switched from one goat to another. Deposits on kids are only refundable if the kid were to suffer a permanent injury or death prior to it leaving our farm. The balance due will be expected in cash only at the time of pickup. No animal will leave the farm unless it has been paid for in full.